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Welcome to EAT IT by hot for food. This is my new quarterly digital publication and members only destination for all you hardcore hot for foodies. Four times a year you’ll get a themed collection of recipes as well as other perks and special access to me! read more

** starts at $3.46 / month 

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what you get


4x recipe collections a year (at least 24 recipes total)

Group 4

how-to recipe videos and personal vlogs


livestream hangouts (one per quarter)


discounts, coupons, and giveaways for hot for food approved vegan stuff


added to close friends on IG for more behind-the-scenes access

The free version of and my YouTube channel still exists with an archive of hundreds of comfort food faves. I’ll still drop the odd recipes and videos on those platforms, but if you want the really good stuff, additional hot tips, and a bunch of exclusive recipes, well, you’ll want to subscribe now!

As an annual subscriber to EAT IT by hot for food you’ll be involved in shaping and influencing future content—ensuring you get what you want from it!


Lauren Toyota

The Travel Issue Cover

The Travel Issue has recipes inspired by my vegan getaway experiences and we celebrate my son's first birthday!

why EAT IT ?

I’m creating EAT IT because it’s been over a decade of growing hot for food into a brand and community and I want to grow. Plus I really want to get back to what I love… creating and photographing recipes! I want to spend time in my kitchen dreaming up the best of the best and that means I can’t churn out weekly videos all year long. With themed, curated and well-thought out quarterly recipe releases I can really hone in on my talents and give you my best work. 

The most valuable way to get on board and support this endeavour is to subscribe annually ($10.46 in savings) and eliminate hot for food FOMO entirely! With the annual subscription you’ll get access to livestream events throughout the year and be added to my close friends group on Instagram. This way you can see behind-the-scenes of making the recipes you’re getting and be involved in shaping EAT IT.

Annual subscribers will get plenty more perks too and I imagine I’ll likely dream up some extra stuff to give you as this project evolves. The annual subscription is the whole buffet, for those who want it ALL! You’ll also be able to buy single serving collections as they’re released too, but you’ll miss being part of this growing community of hot for foodies. Either way, this is going to be one heck of a tasty ride!


EAT IT reviews!

I am super pumped to be a part of Lauren’s next venture! I’ve followed hot for food since 2015, and I love everything that Lauren does. So far EAT IT has introduced me to her Pickle Cheddar Biscuits and an awesome giveaway plus several other recipes I wanna try. Can’t wait for the live hangout and behind the scenes on Instagram! It’s important to support your favorite creators, and I think what Lauren is doing is gonna change the game.
devoted member
I have all your books and have loved every recipe I have made so it makes perfect sense to subscribe to Eat It!
excited member
The hot for food blog/YouTube channel has been a staple in my kitchen since I went vegan 6 years ago. When the Eat It membership was announced, I knew it would be just as amazing! Lauren’s recipes on this new platform are delicious, comforting, easy to make and perfect to share.
happy member
the hot for food blog helped me go vegan nearly 8 years ago! Lauren and all of her recipes are simply amazing and never fail to satisfy. Her videos encouraged me to get creative in the kitchen and made me fall in love with cooking. Join her members site, it is so so worth it!
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super fan


Each quarterly recipe release will vary slightly but you can expect at last 6 exclusive recipes per issue.  One of the recipes will be brought to life in a cooking tutorial video hosted by Lauren too!

Once you’ve subscribed and set up your member login, accept the email in your inbox (check your spam folder!). Now you can login to access the content that you’ve purchased. All annual subscriptions will have access to all content past and future (unless you cancel your subscription). If you’ve purchased single serving recipe releases you will only be able to access those specific pages.

There are no refunds on single-serving issues or annual memberships. Of course, we’d like to you be happy with your purchase. So, we always reserve the right to refund … but it remains in our sole discretion.

Once you have purchased a single-serving issue of EAT IT by hot for food you will have access to the purchased content for 1 year from the purchase date. Annual members get a 14 -day risk-free trial. If your account is canceled within the trial period you will not be charged $41.50 for the year. If you cancel your annual membership before the 14-day trial period ends you will continue to have access to the content until the trial period is over. Annual members will have full access to everything so long as they maintain their annual membership.

At this time EAT IT is a creation by Lauren Toyota of hot for food for her devoted community. We are not including guest contributors.

subscribe now and dive into the latest release of EAT IT by hot for food!