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2021 Summer

EAT IT by hot for food

Savor Summer (July to September 2021)


This summer is definitely one to savor given the trainwreck that was summer 2020! In fact, this whole EAT IT thing was concocted during quarantine so it feels kinda cool to be launching it a year later.  The Savor Summer issue is a beauty. I’m giving you boards galore, recipes made with pickles, and a new ice cream flav to add to your repertoire. Get those ice cream vessels in the freezer stat! You don’t want to wait around once you see this pineapple ginger snap ice cream.

When it comes to eating food off a big platter or board, it really is a vibe anytime, but I especially like to partake in board grazing during the summer. Envision presenting my Brooklyn deli board with beet lox and whitefish spread to your pod while hanging in the backyard with beers. Or sharing the sweet dessert board with banana cream pie dip and hazelnut s’more dip with your fam for game night.  I hope these boards bring joy to everyone you share them with… or don’t share if you want them all to yourself too!

Finally, my feature ingredient, pickles, will give you the gift of 3 interesting recipes—dill pickle dip, pickle cheddar biscuits, and dill pickle soup. Ya for real! Each issue of EAT IT will feature a unique or underused ingredient with a handful of recipes that utilize the featured ingredient. So why pickles? I don’t know. I just love them and I think they deserve more than being relegated to a condiment or sandwich topping. Pickles on a sandwich are pretty much essential, though! And the only kind I buy is Bubbies—in the big jar—in case you were wondering.

Lauren Toyota

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